My New Ride

February 13th, 2024 No comments

In October 2022 I began looking into buying a new car. Wes had purchased a new Honda Accord 2.0T Sport after his accident in Dec 2021 and I was really impressed with the HP it had. I went to Bob Boyte Honda where Wes purchased his vehicle from and met Kuzie. Kuzie had several Accords in stock but they were all white. I didn’t really want a white car and I wasn’t in need of a new car. My 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 was running fine and best of all, it was paid off. So I was in no hurry to purchase. Wes and I were still working on the Jeep and enjoying driving it and in Oct 21 we also purchased a used JetSki in need of a rebuild. We had a lot to do. So into 2022 we were busy working on both.

Come Wednesday January 4th 2023, Wes text me that Corey is at Bob Boyte Honda trying to work a deal for a Type R. When he told me the Accord was traded I was curious what they were going to ask for it. I text Kuzie and inquired. He said, “Sure, we have it. Want to come take it for a test drive?” I said, “No, I already know all about the car; I just need to know how much you’re asking for it.” I contacted my banker and Saturday the 7th I went and picked up this beauty.

To date I’ve only installed the Remark exhaust with Vibrant resonator, Android car play device and an AudiControl LC-1.800 Amp and Kicker 48TRTP122 downward-firing enclosure with a CompRT 12″ shallow-mount subwoofer and passive radiator. Had to get the bass back. Everything else was already installed by Corey @ Two Step Performance.

PRL 2.0T V2 High Volume Intake System
PRL Type-R FK8 Titanium Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Kit
PRL 2.0T P600 Drop-In Turbocharger
PRL Intercooler Upgrade w/ Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit
PRL 2.0T Front Pipe Upgrade
PRL 2.0T Ethanol Content Analyzer/Flex Fuel Kit
TSP High Efficiency Catted Downpipe
HASport Rear Motor Mount 62A
Ultra Racing Front Strut Tower Brace
Ultra Racing Rear Torsion Bar
Progress Tech Rear Anti-Sway Bar
Porsche OEM Calipers w/ Two-piece Slotted Rotors
Tein Coilover Suspension
Enkei Tuning Series TFR Storm Grey 19×9.5, Concaves Spoke, 35mmm inset (516-995-6535)
Remark Sports Touring Catback Exhaust
Vibrant Resonator
KTuner V2 – w/TunerView
Custom Tune by DRob
JetsVinyl Window Chrome Delete Kit
Android CarPlay Wireless Adapter

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Jeep YJ

March 3rd, 2021 No comments

For just over a year and a half my son and I have been working on a project that we didn’t entirely want to take on but one thing lead to another and here we are. This is our newly refreshed 94 Jeep Wrangler YJ, 4 cyl, 5 speed. We bought this to drive while we work on our cars but it took on a life of its own. Wes says he did most of the work but I had more than a hand in it. As did a few people that helped along the way.

Thanks goes out to Corey Poole @ Two Step Performance, Geoff Burroughs @ Jackson Cylinder Head, Jason Denman @ Powder Keg Finishes ,, Kristen @, Leonard Metal Fabricators,, Midwest Sticker Shop, Automotive Color of Jackson,, TCP Global Raptor liner paints, Lakeland Glass and Tint, American Outdoors Paracord, the folks in the Central Mississippi Jeep Association Group and Jeep Wrangler YJ & Jeep Wrangler YJ Groups on Facebook.

And the biggest Thank You goes out to LaSonia for putting up with the Jeep taking up the whole garage at times.

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Luck of the draw

October 19th, 2020 No comments

This past weekend Wes and I went to a new car show/event put together by the same guy that put together the regular Cars and Coffee monthly event. The new event is called Community Driven and it is held at business that have an interest in cars and car culture. The first event was held a local powder coating place which most, if not all, have probably used once or twice in building or customizing their vehicles. A lot of cars and people showed up and they had food trucks as well.

This past weekend was the second event which was held at a local indoor shooting range. This time though they had raffles. The 1st raffle the winner will be able to use one of the ranges fully auto machine guns inside the shooting range along with 100 rounds of ammo. However the second raffle was interesting enough for me to actually change my mind about not going.

The 2nd raffle was for a fully customized range built DI AR15, 16 inch melonite barrel A2, Giselle trigger, Fostech bcg, Votex strike eagle 1x6x24 scope w/lucid qd scope mount, Vltor stock, ergo grip w/storage, 3 Magpul magazines and 80 rounds.

So I bought $20 worth of tickets (8 total) and never would have imagined winning it, but I did. The coolest guy ever built it and happens to have his duty weapon built so very similar. It is awesome and I can’t wait to get on the range and shoot it.

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New Ride

April 19th, 2017 No comments

I picked up a new ride yesterday and so far I am really enjoying it.

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The cost of ignoring diabetes

March 8th, 2017 No comments

In my early 40’s I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes along with high blood pressure (hypertension). I followed my doctors regimen of medications and over time I lost weight (122 lbs to date) and had my blood sugar under control. My regular doctor visits became spread apart further and further as I was following my directions and I was doing fine. The costs of these medications increased over time and I decided on my own that since I was no longer having problems, I didn’t need to take my medications.

Those, such as myself, who fail to realize how uncontrolled diabetes can cause health complications ranging from loss of sight, damaged kidneys, heart problems and even amputation. Poorly managed diabetes leads to nerve damage, a side-effect known as diabetic neuropathy, and also restricts blood flow to the extremities, making it harder for wounds to heal. Left untreated, within just weeks even a minor foot injury, such as a blister, can lead to infection and gangrene. In many cases this occurs when sufferers simply don’t give the condition enough respect labeled by psychologists as diabetic denial.

Almost three years after I stopped taking my medications, I experienced a change that has affected me emotionally as well as physically. I’ve put myself through a harrowing realization that by not taking my condition seriously I have decreased my quality of life. So now, due to my “diabetic denial”, I now have one less “little piggy!” From an unknown blister/sore between my pinky toe and fourth toe on my right foot that became infected to losing the fourth toe altogether. It is still being treated by my wound care doctor but is looking better at each dressing change. During my hospital stay I was introduced to several teams of doctors. The surgeons team which is also my wound care doctor, the infectious disease team which was charged with ensuring my bone infection was clear, the nephrology team which ensured my kidneys were working and my regular doctors team.

I write this in hopes that somebody somewhere reads it and it helps them. I haven’t spoken of this much at all, not even to family and friends. It’s taken me a bit of time and I’m not sure I’ve dealt with it in a sane manner. Luckily my family that is around me everyday have kept me smiling and laughing, even sending me “lack-toes intolerant” memes the day of my surgery. I’m getting my blood sugar back under control again and back on medications that are less costly.

According to the CDC, more than 29 million people in the United States have diabetes, up from the previous estimate of 26 million in 2010. One in four people with diabetes doesn’t know he or she has it. Another 86 million adults – more than one in three U.S. adults – have prediabetes, where their blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes. Without weight loss and moderate physical activity, 15 percent to 30 percent of people with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes within five years.

Type 2 diabetes usually happens later in life and is linked with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle – although spiraling rates of obesity in children have led to an unprecedented explosion in this form of the disease, too. But regardless of the type, the risks and side-effects of both conditions are exactly the same – which is why they both need close monitoring. Take it from me, monitoring is a life changer!

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