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Friends from my days in the USAF – 1839th EIG

August 29th, 2007 1 comment

Man I am stoked! I just found on the Internet a website that hopefully has led me to one of my oldest friends from my days in the USAF stationed at Keesler AFB, MS. The site is and it had a section specific to the 1839th EIG. I posted once and then started searching the member profiles and found none other than Salvatore DiMasi! When we were at base we used to cut up and have a blast! We were worse when we were stationed at the same TDY base.

When at home-base we would go to Popeye’s near Edgewater Mall in Biloxi on Sunday afternoon and see who could eat the most from their buffet. Of course, Sal would always win! I also remember a White Toyota Supra he bought I think when in Florida somewhere. Nice car! I would drive it for him when he was TDY and didn’t take it with him.

We were stationed in the 1839th EIG based at Keesler. Our outfit would travel 98% of the time. Leave in January and come back in December. I loved it! It was great to see parts of the World a boy from MS doesn’t get to see normally.

Well, I emailed the link on the site and hope he responds. I have been trying to find just a few guys I used to work with from my days in E&I.

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Project 240 – Stage 1 Complete

August 24th, 2007 No comments

We now have the tag, lights and inspection. We are now street legal. Stage 2 updates and PIC’s soon.

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Project 240 – Stage 1

August 23rd, 2007 No comments

Well, we pick up the car from the electric shop today. A little costly to get done but it has the lights working AND an inspection sticker now. This afternoon we are going to attempt to complete purchasing the tag. If all goes well Stage 1 will be complete today.

Stage 2 is going over the car to determine if there are any mechanical issues we need to address. It makes a small vibrating sound when revved and not in gear as well when driving and changing gears. Wes and I will take it out on the road and check for weird sounds etc. Check make sure everything works and maybe run it up a little on the Interstate.

Stage 2 will also consists of determining what he wants to do to the car. AC isn’t working and it would be nice to correct that if possible. It doesn’t have a radio so that would be nice to add. It needs a paint job and I REALLY hate the wheels. Updates as they occur.

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Project 240 – Stage 1

August 22nd, 2007 No comments

Our Project 240 is starting to take shape. Stage 1 is where we get the car street legal by obtaining an inspection sticker and tag. We picked up the title and went to the tag office to obtain a new tag. We learned that the car has a “trap” on it. We were told this is due to the auctioneer not completing their end of the sale of the vehicle. The lot we bought it from is “supposedly” taking care of this.

Secondly, we are unable to obtain an inspection sticker due to the rear lights not working. No brake-lights, back-up lights, blinkers or parking lights. The dealer knocked off some of the price of the car as we decided to have it looked at ourselves. I first cleaned up all the “extra” wiring the previous owner had installed to hook-up who-knows-what! I rewired a couple of lights in each housing to clean up the mess it had become. Still, the brake-lights would stay on all the time. So we dropped it off this morning at Robertson’s Auto Electric.

I just called them for an update and they have the parking lights and blinker’s working. The brake light issue is due to the pedal switch which will be delivered tomorrow and we should be able to pick it up then. I’ll update once we get further along on stage 1.

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New Vehicle obtained.

August 17th, 2007 No comments

Well it looks like were starting our Project 240 over again. This time we’ve acquired a 1990 Nissan 240 SX Coupe (PICS later). This one at least runs, so far. AC isn’t working which is a big downer for me but my Son has no problem with it. Digital Speedo needs work and back brake lights are not working. Looks like the previous owner tried connecting something to the rear connectors and botched it. Seems pretty simple to fix (I hope)!

We’ll update the site as changes occur. Wish us luck!

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