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Project 240

June 30th, 2008 No comments

Well we worked a little more on the 240 this weekend. This time doing some body work instead of fixing something. We spent a few hours working on the headlight covers. I was showing my son how to strip paint off. We sanded them down to bare metal and sprayed them with primer.

The black car looks funny with two primer gray headlights. I’ll add the few pics we took later.

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Alternative Fuels – Hydrogen Booster

June 19th, 2008 No comments

In my research into alternative fuels I have decided I will first start with the hydrogen booster. I have found that several other people I know are also looking into using hydrogen boosters as well. One of my co-workers is working on his as well as one guy I know at church. Although I’m not ready to say it will replace using gas, it is definitely a boost to the way gas is burned in the chamber and should make a significant change in gas mileage = the goal.

The images I’ve seen so far of others “canisters” leaves little to be desired. I have found one design that I like very much and will use. Although the canister itself is expensive I’m going for a cheaper version. I would like to have a clear canister but the cost out-way the need. For $26 plus tax I can order online a canister that will fit my needs (shown below).

My co-worker is obtaining plates and I might impose on him to obtain some for me as well. As construction moves forward I will update w/pics.

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Project 240

June 16th, 2008 No comments

Time for a new post on the 240. This past weekend we replaced the power steering pump as the old started making a loud winding sound. Always remember that when you remove the pump to say, get to the thermo-stat housing, always remember to replace the washer on the joint nut for the return fluid line.

We found out the hard way it was not installed and placed nearly 200 lbs of torque on it before it broke loose. We completed the job and all is running normal again. Still no news on upgrades or improvements.

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Alternative Fuels

June 5th, 2008 No comments

I have always wanted to try something other than gasoline to power my cars. I’ve never really looked into it much as certain methods were cost prohibitive. I looked into electric motors at first but quickly found out the cost was too much plus where would you put all those batteries?

As everyone is affected by the price of gasoline today, I started looking at alternative fuel sources instead. We all need our cars to get to work, school, etc. Why can’t we simply make our vehicles more efficient and not have to rely on gasoline

So in my search I found HHO. Yeah there are lots of skeptics out there and I am one of them. But I found a conversion kit I am going to try. Skeptics talk about it but I’ve never read where they’ve tried it and then criticized it. So I’ll hold my critique ’til the end.

Updates as they occur.

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