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Vehicle Update

March 27th, 2007 No comments

We’ll the Honda is very much out of commission. The front end is too badly damaged to repair. If I do not sell it for much less than I have in it, we’ll probably move it out of view. Wes is really disappointed too as well am I. It had potential and if we do not sell it we may find a replacement since the transmission, clutch, etc. have all just been replaced. The motor is in good running condition so it would be an easy swap. Just finding a 1994 Civic EX in fair shape with no motor/trans might be hard. Time will tell.

My Buick should be receiving a new (refurb/reconditioned) motor soon. Performance Motorsports of MS already has the old motor out. Can’t wait to get it back.

My friend Marshall is also helping us look for something for Wes. Hope he turns up something Wes can live with.

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A good friend and co-worker

March 23rd, 2007 No comments

Today I endured a good friend and co-worker leaving. You hate to see people you work with that do a very good job leave and you hope that their moving on will be the best for them. I wrote in his exit interview that he was a good worker and very knowledgeable. That seemed really lame after reading it. It was lame! I should have put much more thought into it.

Good luck Jake!

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Jury Duty

March 13th, 2007 No comments

Well this week I performed my first ever jury duty service. When I received the summons I thought to myself this is not going to be fun. I was right. The first day was juror selection and that was long and drawn out. It is easy to see why the court system is so slow in completing trials and why they have such a backlog. There was no urgency to the processes and procedures.

It took over two hours before we even started to process the 112 possible jurors. Some showed up late, as late as two hours later. Then it took an additional two hours for those that have excuses to not serve to plead their case before the judge. We were then placed in 8 groups of 14 members and we were told our panel number. Then they indicated which panel members were dismissed for the day and which had to return. Of course I had to return.

We were then dismissed for a lunch break. Upon our return we were directed to a juror waiting room where we were for a very long time it seemed. Then we were sent back into the courtroom to be examined and asked questions from the prosecutor and defense attorney. This took a lot of time. The prosecutor was very thorough and basically asked questions of almost everyone.

The defense attorney then got up and asked his questions but was either hard of hearing or incompetent. He asked several questions over and over again from some jurors either trying to ascertain something about them or again possibly being incompetent. Afterwards we were sent back into the juror waiting room. Several hours later they called everyone back into the courtroom and picked the twelve jurors and two alternates.

I was picked as juror #3. At this time it was nearly 6PM. We were instructed to show up the next morning at 9AM. I showed up well before 9AM and we played the waiting game again. It was nearly 10AM before we went into the courtroom where they actually started the trial. We heard testimony from 3 witnesses. Around 11:30AM the judge declared we would be taking a lunch break and for us to return by 1PM.

Great! Here we go again. We all went to lunch at a local restaurant within walking distance of the courthouse. Upon our return we were sent back into the jury deliberation room and told we were waiting on the judge. An hour went by and we were informed that the lawyers were in the judge’s chambers and for us to be patient. We finally were called into the courtroom around 3PM. When we entered the courtroom I noticed that only the judge and court reporter were present. That is when I knew they had come to a plea agreement and we were being excused. I was right.

Now I enjoyed getting to know the process and procedure for jury duty but it was very boring waiting. There were 13 other people in the room and we all talked and joked around never really discussing the case except for maybe everyone’s agreement that the defense attorney was incompetent. There were people from all walks of life and I enjoyed getting to know them. I believe the process was performed fairly and honestly.

One thing I did notice is that they took our information from the questionnaire they sent out without checking to see if we really were who we said we were. I could have paid someone to serve for me and they would not have known it. I’ll certainly be prepared next time I am asked to serve.

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First Childs first wreck in his first car

March 8th, 2007 No comments

It was bound to happen and I’ve been dreading this day since he started driving. My Son wrecked his car yesterday afternoon and fortunately he is fine. His ego as well as his car is a little bruised. PICS. He made the same mistake so many teenagers make at that age. He dropped his cell phone on the floor and reached down to pick it up. I’ve had that happen to me but unfortunately I was the one who was rear-ended due to someone else not paying attention, looking away.

At least it was not a $10,000 car. I do not believe it is worth fixing and I’m looking for an alternative. My car is still in the shop being worked on and should be out shortly. That still presents us with a problem now only having one vehicle and three people that need to get to work. We’ll work it out somehow.

A friend of mine offered to finance a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix for my son a while back and I just checked with him and it is still available. I’ll be getting back with him.

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Our new Dodger

March 6th, 2007 No comments

Well, it’s been a month since we picked up Dodger and we are loving him. He is such a “firecracker!” He loves being outdoors and runs around the back yard like a rabbit. Chases any animal he comes in contact with in the back yard. One night before going to bed I let him out and did not notice an opossum on the back patio. Before I knew it Dodger chased him over our fence.

He’s not afraid of anything. He is so playful. His favorite food so far is Mighty Dog’s porter-house steak and gravy. He also likes there beef product. He has urinated on the carpet a few times but that’s when we don’t let him out enough. He also gets into anything we leave laying around. Overall he is a very good dog and is so happy when one of us comes in. We’ve meant to have pics posted by now and have taken some with our camera phones but none of us have the ability to send them anywhere. Pics will be up soon.

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