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September 5th, 2013 No comments

I’ve never really had a huge desire to own knives. I’ve had several pocket knives in my life but none that have meant anything to me. In the past few years I’ve been given several knives as gifts. Now they’re not expensive knives but they are unique.

My favorite is one my father-in-law gave me. It is Case Sod Buster Jr. I’ve not carried it around so I can keep it in good condition.

I even purchased a nice Gerber Gator Machete.

Recently my wife and I received some Colt knives as gifts. She was given a Colt® Lady Colt® Lockback with a pink smooth bone handle. It is very nice and came in a simulated rayskin gift box.

I was given a Colt® Titanium Mini Trapper with black smooth bone handle. It came in a nice Collectables box.

I have no real desire to purchase more knives but I would like one in between a pocket knife and my machete. Maybe this United Cutlery Bushmaster Survival Knife.

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