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Starting Over

May 5th, 2011 2 comments

In 2000 I started writing a journal on my personal webpage. A few years after I started learning how to write HTML personally for fun. I had amassed several posts over the years. This was all well before the term BLOG existed. After a few more years had passed I found that blogging had become popular and blog programs/sites became available for those that knew nothing about HTML. One I found particularly interesting was WordPress. Not only could I easily post via a simple control panel it had features and themes and best of all… I could import my existing HTML posts! I was sold. So I downloaded it and installed on my hosted web-space.

It was setup just like I wanted after spending many pain-staking hours on it. I upgraded WP to newer versions with ease. I had accumulated over 10 years of posts. Last year I moved my blog to a good friends server wanting to upgrade WP again but needing a newer version of PHP. Unfortunately for both of us the hard-drive on his server died about 8 months ago. I lost everything. So now I have my own server up and running, WP loaded and this is my first post. I can’t remember everything I had posted before but I’ve learned and will Start Over.

First thing… backup!

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