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MHBC 50th Anniversary

May 27th, 2008 No comments

Celebrating a rich legacy of Christian Service and Spiritual Excellence. The congregation that would become Morrison Heights Baptist Church began meeting in a tent in the winter of 1958. The church was constituted on June 15, 1958. Jean Singletary and husband Hale were charter members. ”It was hard for me to take my three children out of a warm church to a tent to worship. But, you know, none of them were ever sick that winter.”

Church members and families, former members, staff and former staff — whatever your relationship, we want you to be a part of the celebration. We even have a Golden Celebration that is designed to share our joy with the entire Clinton Community!

For more details please visit

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My Sons Memorial Day fun

May 27th, 2008 No comments

We started out our Memorial Day with our son waking up with a stomach ache. Throughout the day he would complain his stomach hurt. It was a dull pain according to him. Sometime in the afternoon we got him to get up and take a shower to see if it would make him feel better. As he got in the hot shower he got right back out having to vomit. He said that made him feel a little better.

Later on he still was moaning with abdominal pain. I remembered back when I had appendicitis and how it felt. I finally said “let’s go.” Meaning to the hospital. I knew he would never volunteer to go, so off we went. We arrived at the ER at Baptist at 5:45PM. Fortunately there were few people if any there. We went right into and someone took his vitals. Not 10 minutes later we were called back to a room.

A nurse came in and took some blood and had him provide a urine sample. He laid down and felt a little better but was also sporting a good size head-ache. She also set him up on an IV. My mother called stating she was in the ER at UMC, which I told her that is where we were going. However we went to Baptist as the wait was shorter.

The Doc came in and suggested it might be kidney stones and wanted to run a cat-scan. When he came back he said the cat-scan was clear. It showed no kidney stones and the appendix looked fine. He suggested that we go home and see what, if anything, develops. He said an ultra-sound would be his next choice if he still had the abdominal pains. They gave him some pain medicine and we left. This was around 6:45 – 7:00PM.
We were thinking on the way home, why would they not do an ultra-sound to check? So this morning my wife has contacted the doctors office at UMC and is setting up to take him in for an ultra-sound. We’ll see how that turns out.

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It’s Incompetence…

May 21st, 2008 No comments

…however it isn’t in the Hinds County Tax Collector’s office, although that could be debated. They are simply following the rules written by the Mississippi State Tax Commission. So, my issue is with the Mississippi State Tax Commission. I finally received a copy of the “policy” in regards to affidavits. It took a phone call to Mr. Camper since he was so unprofessional in ignoring my email.

He sent me a copy of an instructional memo in regards to affidavits which was written in November 1994. My two issues I brought up from the beginning are this:

Why must I provide anything other than a signed affidavit stating the vehicle was not operated on the roads of Mississippi? The answer lies in the memo.


Form 64-023, AFFIDAVIT Vehicle Not Operated Upon The Highways Of Mississippi, is the standard form that should be used. This is the only documentation required by law, however, if there is some doubt of the facts in a particular situation, you may request any additional documentation you may need to satisfy the doubt, such as repair bills or storage bills.

So providing a signed affidavit literally means nothing to them. It’s because they do not understand what an affidavit is. So the Tax Collectors Office has been given permission that allows them to require you to go above and beyond the law simply to settle any doubt they may have. So this issue is never going to be corrected.

Why was I given a March decal when I applied in April? The answer also lies in the memo.


When an owner of a motor vehicle brings in an affidavit stating that the motor vehicle has not been operated on the roads, a 12 month tag is to be sold to him beginning with the 1st day of the month in which the owner comes into the office with the affidavit. That means the expiration month will be the previous month. The purchase date would need to be a date within the previous month. In this case, the purchase date is more accurately described as a registration date. The computer will need this date to be able to calculate the correct taxes and, if applicable, penalties.

HUH?! The second sentence obviously contradicts the first sentence. I came into the office on April 25th so obviously I should have been given an April decal. It seems to me that the MS Tax Commission is making money and the tax payer is loosing money. Am I wrong? If so, someone please enlighten me as I had someone from the MS Tax Commission call me and try to sell me on some obscure memo indicating all this was forthright. I think I’ll show information to an attorney friend of mine who also happens to be in the House of Representatives. Maybe he can shed some light.

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Re: Incompetence or Fraud in the Hinds County Tax Collection Office

May 14th, 2008 No comments

The next step. I went online to the MS State Tax Commission website and submitted an online form indicating my problem. Of course I have not heard back yet, but I plan to give them a little time before moving on.

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Re: Incompetence or Fraud in the Hinds County Tax Collection Office

May 6th, 2008 No comments

I took a little longer than a week to respond but here is my forward to Mr. Fair.

Mr. Fair,

As I detailed below to Mr. Camper, I am looking to obtain a copy of the Hinds County Tax Collectors policies in regards to exemptions and credits that are required of Mississippians and not listed in the MS Code. A Supervisor, of whom I did not get his name, told me there are policies that are to be followed in addition to the written code. As I have given Mr. Camper plenty of time to provide this information, he is either out of the office this long or is simply ignoring my request.

The detailed email below provides the situation I experienced and I would like to avoid in the future. Simply providing the additional policies in writing will educate me for future transactions with your office. I also need confirmation in regards to the section of the email that indicates I was cheated out of 30 days. It states that “he shall pay such ad-valorem tax for a period of twelve (12) months beginning with the first day of the month in which he applies for a current license tag.” I was given a March decal when I applied in April and the representative would not change it due to “the policy.” Again your office is usurping the law and I will not let this go until I have been satisfied.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Alex Jones

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