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March 26th, 2012 No comments

I recently purchased a DB380EX .380 Auto, Black Poly body with Nickel Boron slide. The gun had just been rebuilt by DB. I’ve shot it a few times while out with my bro-n-law Scotty. It was a little off on the target which I thought was odd. Then I noticed it had adjustable rear sights. Ah. problem solved yet I had run out of ammo and was unable to check it against the previous targets. Must do so. Overall I really like it. Takes a little getting used to a small gun. It has some similarity to a mini Glock I’ve read however I do not currently own a Glock and cannot compare them. Still looking forward to shooting it more.

UPDATE – Shot the .380 and love it. Slide is tough to pull but nice for a conceal carry. Very Happy!

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