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I am 50 Today

March 5th, 2014 No comments

Today I’m half a century old. I’m not sad or depressed. Every year I’ve learned to appreciate all the blessings in my life even more than the years before.

I attribute a lot of what I’ve gathered in the way of wisdom to grandparents who loved me and spent much of their time shaping me into the person I now want more than anything to be. To parents who love me so much, are always there for me and wise enough to know when to give me wings and when to hold my feet to the fire. To marrying the most loving and caring woman who challenges me in the things I think I can’t do. To parenting two of the most amazing children and to a God who gave everything for me. My family and friends through my life have most assuredly influenced, cared and corrected me as needed.

So I felt compelled this week to look back at my 5 decades and determine if I’ve made an impact. I don’t mean anything like did I create a cure for cancer. No, nothing that monumental. I mean did my presence or my efforts make an impact?

The first recollection of presenting myself to the World is not well remembered and had me standing in an open window with bars while in Madrid Spain. I was either handing out money that did not belong to me or urinating onto the sidewalk. Either way it must have been impressive! I was three. During my first decade I also met my first best friend Bobby Fields. He lived in the house directly behind our house in Meridian MS. He was a year older and we enjoyed playing basketball, riding our bikes and goofing off around the neighborhood. Good times.

My next decade was exciting and included the beginning and the end of my teenage years. Dating, you all know who you are, I’m not going to go into details. Driving, accident(s), showing off. My mom bought me a 1967 Ford Mustang when I got my license. My first job at the Woolworth in College Park assembling bicycles for Christmas and menial labor. Great church family at Calvary Baptist Church. Great memories going on church trips. Our family moved from Meridian MS to Clinton MS. I graduated high school and joined the USAF traveling the World. Lost my Papaw. Miss him so much.

My third decade was very rewarding and challenging. Finished my planned time span in the military and met and coerced an amazing young woman to marry me and moved her to Atlanta GA! New jobs for us both and we bought our first house and new car. I assisted in the creation of our first child; a boy! Very proud! Moved my new family back home to MS. It ended with some dispiriting time.

My fourth decade was a time of growth. I again assisted in creating our second child; a girl! Blessed! Job changes for us both. Challenging times becoming parents. Bought our second home. Great memories watching my siblings families grow. Last few years were of better job opportunities and a career change.

This last decade has included a rewarding career change, new church, new friends and new experiences. Children turning into adults and I’m having separation anxiety. I’m anxious for them to move out! A nurturing relationship with my loving wife. A few medical issues that are under some control. Growing relationships with my God, my family and my friends. I lost my grandmother and my Dad. I still tear up missing them.

So that’s my abridged version of my life to date. So I’ll close with a few things I’ve learned. It’s not WHAT you have in your life but WHO you have in your life that counts. Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are but we are responsible for who we become. Having a trusted friend provides perspective when you’re concerned or stressed.

I’m grateful to everyone in my life and I hope to enjoy many more moments with all of you. You know who you are!

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