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My daughter graduates from high school next week.

May 17th, 2012 1 comment

This is a huge moment in life for her as well as her mother and me. She’s off on a monumental transition and the possibilities look great. What a fantastic moment in life!

Mostly, at this moment, I want to give her something to take with her on her journey, some kind of great wisdom. She already knows so much more than we parents do so it is hard for her to listen to our advice. I feel like my job right now as a parent is to adequately arm her as she takes these first steps into this big ole’ wide world. I want to be her protector, her firm foundation and the place to come when she has the tough questions in life. I want her to know that I am there with her in her heart, but I want her heart to go further than what I can offer her.

My problem is how to do all this. All I can equip her with in this life is the knowledge that she is loved, completely, uncompromising and uninhibited. So, Cady, as you embark on this remarkable journey I want you to know I am and will continue to be the Dad who loves you with my whole heart and soul. Your mother and I are your greatest cheerleaders in life!

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