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2008 Fireball Run comes through Jackson

September 29th, 2008 No comments

My son and I went to see a group of racers performing in a transcontinental race called The Fireball Run. I read about them coming into town and knew it would be a great opportunity to take pictures and see some really nice cars we normally do not see in the Jackson area.

What caught my eye about this particular rally is their charity, Child Rescue Network. Each Fireball Run team is assigned a different missing child. Their mission is to distribute as many posters as possible along the 3500 mile journey from Baton Rouge LA to Grand Rapids MI. Upon arrival to the 2008 Fireball Run teams receive a full color removable decal of their missing child to apply on their vehicle. We were handed fliers from only one team but I think that was due to the lack of anyone really being there from the Jackson area. Even the TV crews left after 30 minutes.

What impressed me the most was last years results. “This three million dollar awareness campaign was hugely successful last year when the rally traveled from Orlando, FL to Beverly Hills, CA. Of the 65 children featured last year, 23 have since been rescued and reunited with their families and guardians.” WOW. Have you ever heard of a program having those kinds of results?

Next year the race is going to cover Route66. My son and I sure wish this was something we could do. It would be a blast! My “hats-off” to Judy Bardin of the Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau for bringing the 2008 Fireball Run to Jackson.

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Cars, Cars, Cars

September 15th, 2008 No comments

It’s been so long I haven’t had time to write anything. We haven’t really worked on any cars for a while until this weekend. My Son installed some GoodYear Gator-back belts on the 240 this weekend. He had a problem with the alternator tensioner bracket as the mounting bolt came off some how and was causing the belt to rub. He bought another bolt and got it corrected. But we had to order the belts as no one had all three in stock. The last one came in this past Saturday morning.

Putting it all back together and firing it up lead to a new noise coming from the fan clutch. So a new fan clutch has been ordered and should arrive today.

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