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Old Friends visiting

December 12th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Back in the day, the military days that is, I was fortunate enough to have a room-mate that I got along with. I had experienced some odd room-mates before. His name was “Buck”. Anthony Buchanan to be exact, but he is going by Tony Buchanan. I had returned from Turkey to process out of the Air Force. Buck had come to our squadron from Italy I believe, while I was TDY. I didn’t have much in the way of things I owned in my room but Buck brought with him an awesome stereo system. I knew I’d like him.

When I returned from Turkey, Buck was TDY or training I think. I’m terrible at remembering somethings. In Oct of 86′ Buck invited me to the Harvest Festival for those our age at First Baptist Biloxi. Little did I know I would meet my wife that night. I went and had a good time. I usually would go home to Clinton on weekends to go to church, but I found the people I met at FBC to be enjoyable to be around and started attending FBC.

Buck was engaged to be married when I met him I believe. Her name was Edie. She happened to be room-mates with my wife. We all grew to be good friends even spending time together after we separated from the military. As some friendships do, we grew apart over time knowing some things about them but not keeping in touch. Raising kids can cause you to do this. I say all this to get to the point for the post. It turns out that my wife was contacted by Buck and Edie’s daughter, Kristen via Facebook (which I loathe).

My wife just informed me that the whole family, Buck, Edie, Kristen and Josh will be stopping by to see us and spend the night in a couple of weeks. Wow, I’m wondering how long it has been since I last saw either of them. I think we were in Atlanta at the time. My wife will surely tell me my recollection of the time is wrong, as I usually am. Edie and her sister Karen where passing through and stopped with Kristen to see our Son. Kristen was 1 I think. Anyway that was 1990.

Long time. I’m looking forward to seeing them now and spend some time catching up.

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