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Lately I have been thinking a lot about the short time I spent in the USAF. I recently submitted a request for my USAF discharge papers DD Form 214. I have been unable to find my military briefcase which I believe is where my original copy is located. This form is the only documentation a veteran has to indicate their time of service when discharged. Last month I received two notarized copies of my DD 214. In addition to that they also included my awards and decorations listing which of course in the short time I was enlisted there wasn’t many of either. I did attain every ribbon that most everyone enlisted in the USAF attains.

The Air Force training ribbon and the Air Force Good Conduct Medal. I also received the Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon. Now this one ribbon though not the Distinguished Service Medal or the Air Force Cross, is my favorite because of how much fun it was to get it. We shot modified M-16s using .22 ammunition. The cost of .22 ammunition made it the best choice for training 35,000 recruits each year. I shot a perfect score the day we went through training and for those in our flight that received a perfect score our instructors seem to have a whole new level of respect for us. It was cool for the that day and I will never forget it.

Yesterday I received a small package from Randolph AFB TX where the Air Force Personnel Center is located. I opened it and found all three ribbons had been sent to me. I only asked for the listing of what I had attained. It is really cool to have these again.

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