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Our new Dodger

March 6th, 2007 No comments

Well, it’s been a month since we picked up Dodger and we are loving him. He is such a “firecracker!” He loves being outdoors and runs around the back yard like a rabbit. Chases any animal he comes in contact with in the back yard. One night before going to bed I let him out and did not notice an opossum on the back patio. Before I knew it Dodger chased him over our fence.

He’s not afraid of anything. He is so playful. His favorite food so far is Mighty Dog’s porter-house steak and gravy. He also likes there beef product. He has urinated on the carpet a few times but that’s when we don’t let him out enough. He also gets into anything we leave laying around. Overall he is a very good dog and is so happy when one of us comes in. We’ve meant to have pics posted by now and have taken some with our camera phones but none of us have the ability to send them anywhere. Pics will be up soon.

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