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Vehicle Update

March 27th, 2007 No comments

We’ll the Honda is very much out of commission. The front end is too badly damaged to repair. If I do not sell it for much less than I have in it, we’ll probably move it out of view. Wes is really disappointed too as well am I. It had potential and if we do not sell it we may find a replacement since the transmission, clutch, etc. have all just been replaced. The motor is in good running condition so it would be an easy swap. Just finding a 1994 Civic EX in fair shape with no motor/trans might be hard. Time will tell.

My Buick should be receiving a new (refurb/reconditioned) motor soon. Performance Motorsports of MS already has the old motor out. Can’t wait to get it back.

My friend Marshall is also helping us look for something for Wes. Hope he turns up something Wes can live with.

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