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First Childs first wreck in his first car

March 8th, 2007 No comments

It was bound to happen and I’ve been dreading this day since he started driving. My Son wrecked his car yesterday afternoon and fortunately he is fine. His ego as well as his car is a little bruised. PICS. He made the same mistake so many teenagers make at that age. He dropped his cell phone on the floor and reached down to pick it up. I’ve had that happen to me but unfortunately I was the one who was rear-ended due to someone else not paying attention, looking away.

At least it was not a $10,000 car. I do not believe it is worth fixing and I’m looking for an alternative. My car is still in the shop being worked on and should be out shortly. That still presents us with a problem now only having one vehicle and three people that need to get to work. We’ll work it out somehow.

A friend of mine offered to finance a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix for my son a while back and I just checked with him and it is still available. I’ll be getting back with him.

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